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"Oh my gosh… This meditation is far more phenomenal than I had even imagined it could be.

I’m truly at a loss for words to articulate the feelings that I experience when I listened.   It literally brought tears to my eyes.  The voice singing is absolutely mesmerizing..."
Darcy Hoag

"This meditation is beyond beautiful.  I do not have words big enough to express the feelings it elicits within me. Absolutely powerful."
Nicole Robillard

“This meditation is beautiful.  Shamanic Drumming is a new discovery for me…. it is pure joy!”

A.H. Wendt



Is a website dedicated to the Art of Conscious Creation & the Healing Path of Shamanism through the Heartbeat of the Sacred Drum.

Launching Soon!

On this site you will find many pathways to live a more abundant, fullfilled and purposefull life by helping you:






Discover your Life's Destiny
Learn to Heal and Empower your Path
Reconnecting with the Dimension of the Sacred
Re-Member your True Inspiriation & Essence

By offering you Transformational Inspiration from the Ancient Wisdom Traditions, through:

Healing Shamanic Meditations
Shamanic Journeying audio files
Online courses
Free downloads etc...
Sacred Drums of drummaker Roel Crabbé













We are working intensively to offer you clear and easy information on Conscious Creation, the Way of the Drum, Sound- and Shamanic Healing, with a strong dedication to the heart of this work and its simplicity.

We expect to launch our site soon... We hope you will be there.

Much Blessings,

Roel Crabbé

Founder of Shamanic-Drums.com

contact: roel@shamanic-drums.com